Media Transplant Experts

Devina Bhasin, M.D.

Devina Bhasin, M.D.

Relevant Topics: Liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis

Dr. Devina Bhasin is a transplant hepatologist at Piedmont Transplant Institute. Her focus is general liver disease and she has a special interest in the treatment of viral hepatitis. Dr. Bhasin also has an interest in public and global health issues and was a Yale/Johnson & Johnson Physician-Scholars in International Health in Cape Town, South Africa where she performed health work in underserved areas with particular focuses on HIV, tuberculosis and preventive care. Dr. Bhasin earned her medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine. See Dr. Bhasin interview here.

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Megan Parker, RN, BSN

Megan Parker, RN, BSN

Relevant Topics: Living organ donation, paired kidney exchange

Megan Parker, RN, BSN is a living donor coordinator at Piedmont Transplant Institute. She helps those interested in becoming a living organ donor learn more about the process and works daily to increase awareness and education in the Atlanta community about living organ donation as an option for kidney transplant patients. Parker earned her bachelor's degree in nursing from East Tennessee State University and is currently a member of the International Transplant Nurses Society. She is well-versed and can talk about the entire process of kidney transplantation.

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Miguel Tan, M.D.

Miguel Tan, M.D.

Relevant Topics: Living organ donation, paired exchange kidney transplantation, kidney disease

Dr. Miguel Tan is a multi-organ transplant surgeon and serves as surgical director of kidney and pancreas transplantation at Piedmont Transplant Institute. Dr. Tan's special interests include pancreas transplantation and living donor/paired exchange kidney transplantation. Previously, Dr. Tan was assistant professor of surgery in the division of transplantation at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Tan received his medical degree and completed his residency at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He has been published more than 50 times on a variety of transplantation issues. See Dr. Tan interview here.

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