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Preparing For Your Visit

We understand that preparing for your visit can be stressful, and our pre-registration tool makes the process hassle-free. Our online pre-registration process takes just 10-15 minutes and provides information on financial responsibilities, insurance coverage and possible advance payment requirements.

We’ve also added our Pricing Estimation tool, which helps you better understand your costs as you prepare for your visit.


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Pre-Register with MyChart for Hospital Services

Pre-registration is required for all appointments. Patients can pre-register using MyChart’s eCheck-In function, or by calling the Patient Connection Center at 1-855-537-0506.

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Pre-Register for Maternity Services and Mason Clinic

Pre-registration is required for all appointments. Maternity & Mason Clinic Patients can pre-register for hospital appointments by using the registration portal or by calling the Patient Connection Center at 1-855-537-0506.

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Price Estimate Tool

Search your service or procedure to get a pricing estimate. Your final bill will vary depending on the actual services provided and your insurance coverage.

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Advance Payment Requirements

During pre-registration, the patient will learn of their estimated financial responsibility and if there is a required payment. For patients who have a required payment, the payment must be made before service or at the appointment time. Required payments for surgeries and infusions must be made 5 days before the appointment date. If patient elects to not pay the required payment, the services will not be performed or will be rescheduled or canceled. It will be the responsibility of the patient to contact the ordering physician regarding the delay. The ordering physician can request a Medical Necessity review by directly contacting the local CFO/CMO.

The following services/criteria are excluded: Orders classified as Urgent/Emergent, Breast callback services (Diagnostic, U/S, MRI & Needle localizations) & Breast Biopsy, and Minors under 18. As we validate insurance coverage, we identify patients subject to the Advance Payment requirement. These patients are fully responsible for paying for services upfront.

Piedmont Healthcare offers various payment methods that allow patients to meet their financial responsibilities, including creating payment arrangements with our financing partner, Curae. Other options are available through the Piedmont Wallet within MyChart, or by speaking with the Patient Connection Center at 1-855-537-0506.

After Your Service You Will Receive

  • An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company typically before you receive a bill from Piedmont Healthcare. By receiving this EOB, it means your insurance company has processed your claim.
  • The Piedmont Healthcare Patient Statement will be sent to you once your insurance company processes the claim and submits payment to Piedmont Healthcare.
  • You may also receive a separate bill from a physician if you had service provided by a physician who is not employed with Piedmont Healthcare (i.e. radiologist, pathologist or other specialists).


Call, chat or e-mail with our Customer Solution Center team for any questions or information about getting help with bills.

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