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Women's Wellness Exam at Piedmont

It is important that women get annual physicals because it is a time when a primary care doctor not only performs a complete physical exam of the patient, but it is also a time when lifestyle habits are discussed, screening tests are ordered and immunizations are administered. Many screening tests require the referral of a primary care doctor.

Why Do I need A Gynecologic Exam and an Annual Physical?

Physical exams provide the opportunity for your primary care doctor to exam the whole body. Annual physical exams also provide the opportunity for your primary care doctor to act as a fist line of defense against more serious conditions, and can provide the necessary referrals to OB/GYN specialists. Your OB/GYN is able to focus in on specific issues such as fertility, cancer prevention, or sexually transmitted infections.

Piedmont offers:

  • Same Day appointments
  • 170+ primary care physicians (both family and internal medicine physicians)
  • Referrals to OB/GYN specialists
  • 40+ convenient Metro Atlanta locations

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