Our Team

Our highly-skilled team of premier surgeons is dedicated to deliveringoptimal patient care across the medical spectrum. Recognized for ourelite quality standards and credentials, we are dedicated to addressing your individual surgical needs.

General Surgery
Barber, William MD
Bowman, Erin MD
Morehouse, Amanda MD
Okoli, Joel MD
Roseman, Barry MD

Durrett, Lynley MD
Hood, Sarah MD
Wiskind, Anne MD
Robin Fogle, MD
JamesToner, MD
Cyd Williams, MD

Gynecologic Oncology
John McBroom, MD

Fitch, Starla MD
Ghaiy, Rajat MD
Walrath, Joseph MD

Alexander, Randall MD
Dalton, John MD
Garten, Charles MD
Jones III, Edwin MD
Myers, Thomas MD
Symbas, Peter MD

Otolaryngology (ENT)
Athavale, Sanjay MD
Chin, Kingsley MD
Coleman, John MD
Hoffman, Karen MD
Jarboe, John MD
McClinton, Mark MD
Parikh, Shatul M
Rollins, Chester MD

Patel, Ketan DPM

Plastic Surgery
Boehm, Kristen MD
Codner, Mark MD
DiFrancesco, Lisa MD
Kpodzo, Dzifa MD
Lawrence, Marisa MD
Ma, Grace MD
Metcalfe, Drew MD
Webb, Lindsey MD

Surgical Colorectal
Clark, Clarence MD
Hum, Monica MD
Nichols, Joseph MD
Turner, Jacquelyn MD

Dimeglio, Robert MD
Foster, James MD
Gilchrist, Ailenor MD
Kozinn, Spencer MD
Laungani, Rajesh MD
Pak, Raymond MD
Sand, Mathew MD
Scaljon, William MD
Wong, Jaime MD


Piedmont Surgery Center is owned by Piedmont Healthcare.

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