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Men: 5 ways to make your doctor visit more successful

Let’s face it—men don’t always like going to the doctor, but it’s important for maintaining good health.  Nikhil Shah, D.O., a urologist at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, provides five tips that men can use to make their doctor visits more successful:

1. Be prepared. Have a list of all of your medications, a list of your previous medical and surgical history, as well as a list of any questions you might have regarding the visit.

2. Document. Document any advice your physician has given you, which includes the medications they are offering you, procedures or test that they might want you to have, and the names of the referral doctors they may want you to see.

3. Be open and ask questions. A lot of times patients go to the doctor, and they think the doctor will lead the conversation. Remember, the doctor has a lot of patients to see. So be open and talk to your doctor. Don’t be embarrassed about things you might have done or conditions you might have. Tell your doctor what’s going on.

4. Make sure you do some research. Google the names of the procedures, tests and drugs that the doctor might have given you.

5. Communication is critical. Make sure you find the best way to communicate with your doctor or provider in the office, whether it’s a medical assistant, a mid-level provider, or the doctor himself or herself.

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