Heart Screening Self-Assessment

To schedule a heart screening online, please complete the Screening self-assessment below. All questions must be answered to complete the screening.

1. Have you seen a cardiologist within the past year?
2. Are you having active chest pain (chest pressure, heart pain, chest discomfort, chest tightness)?
3. Are you having any active shortness of breath at rest? Any shortness of breath with activity that is new for you?
4.Do you take more than 2 blood pressure medications?
5.Have you had any episodes of passing out or losing consciousness?
6. Are you pregnant?
7. Are you currently undergoing treatment for cancer?
8. Are you currently on kidney dialysis?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please call the appropriate number listed below to speak directly with a scheduling expert.

For the Atlanta area - (including Atlanta, Brookhaven, Piedmont West, Henry, Newnan, Fayette and Mountainside)


For the Athens area - (including Oconee, Athens, Royston, Walton and Rockdale)

If you are experiencing symptoms and would like to schedule an appointment with a provider online, please visit our provider directory.

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