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October 2014

Daily News Ideas

  • How to get the most health benefits out of the produce that’s in season.
  • The Angelina Effect: How has Jolie’s decision affected preventive measures women take against breast cancer?
  • Not just a women’s disease: thousands of men get breast cancer, too.
  • What’s new in breast cancer treatment?
  • Genetic counseling: what is it and when should you get it?
  • The benefits of going meatless once a week.
  • How to outsmart your fall allergies.
  • Will drinking less alcohol help prevent breast cancer?
  • How different types of laughter affects the brain.
  • Cancer-fighting super foods: what they are and how to work them into your diet.
  • A healthy twist on sweet treats for Halloween.
  • The breast cancer gene that also reveals risk for ovarian cancer.
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